While music and working with bands is my passion first and foremost, I involve myself in many different aspects of the audio industry. This includes voice over/podcast production, post editing, scoring and field recording


Tracking, editing, mixing, producing and anything in between. Whether or not this means working with you from pre production all the way through to release or working on only one of the steps in your creative process, I can help you out. I have a strong focus on understanding the vision of artists that work with me and being able to translate these ideas to a finished product. My main goal is to create an environment that facilitates creative freedom and expression with an emphasis on performance. 

Voice Over

Voice over for film, audio books, radio advertising, and podcast are all projects that I have experience in. From recording to post editing, scoring of theme and back ground music, sound design and finally collating these different elements along into a cohesive product. All voice over work can be completed at my own space however if recordings need to be completed at an off site location that can also be arranged. 

Film and Theatre

When it comes to film, field recording and post editing all play an integral part in any video production. Often, unwanted environmental interference can play a huge part in the quality of a production, so knowing how to counter these issues through either technical or practical means is incredibly important. Even after work at an off site location is completed there is still the process of post editing and collaborating with other creative disciplines to construct a cohesive final product. Much like film, when it comes to theatre, you cannot just throw actors up on stage and expect performance alone to create an immersive environment for the audience. Sound design and foley, when used as complementary elements in a production, help to create illusion, suspense and realness.