This is a small but fairly diverse example of material I have worked on in the past. 


Brighter Death Now (SE, Cold Meat Industry) Kollaps (AUS, Cold Spring)

Hide (USA, Dais Records) Orchestra Victoria

Pharmakon (USA, Sacred Bones) William Hennessy (Australian Chamber Orchestra)

Puce Mary (DK/USA, Posh Isolation) Bernard Harvey (Producer/Bassist for Justin Bieber)


Editing, vocal production and recording for Melbourne based post punk/noise band, Kollaps

Available for purchase


Live sound engineer for 30 European show

Mighty Duke And The Lords

Assistant engineer to Gareth Parton at Sound Park Studios late 2017


Dead and Buried is a podcast based in Melbourne written and produced by Carly Godden and Lee Hooper with financial support from the City Of Melbourne Arts Grant Program.  I worked on Season 1 through out 2016 as a field recordist and post engineer. 

After attracting nearly 30,000 subscirbers and being featured on the front page of iTunes for Season 1,   Dead and Buried were awarded a Frankie Magazine Good Stuff for 2017 award in the writing and podcast catagory.

Be sure to head to their website and find them on iTunes and Facebook. 

RMIT University

I was commissioned to create music for a Melbourne Fashion Week event hosted by RMIT University and Anhembi Morumbi University. The project was a collaborative fashion design event that hoped to bring awareness plastic pollution in our oceans. All pieces made for the evening were created using second hand plastics representing items that otherwise may have made their way into the sea. In keeping with the theme I decide to employ granular synthesis techniques, sampling plastics similar to those used in the event. The aim being to create a seascape that immersed those attending the event.


Girls Act Good

Sound design and foley package created for a Girls Act Good for the debut performance as a company


This is a piece of assessment from a studio production unit from SAE. The premise was take an existing demo song that has a basic chord progression and lyrics and turn it in a song of your choice. 

Producer, performer, engineer, mixed